Baileys Living Launches Australia’s First Online Digital Home Builder

19 November 2018

Baileys Living Launches Australia’s First Online Digital Home Builder

A revolutionary way for West Australians to architecturally design and build their own homes has been launched in Perth.

Australia’s first online digital home building company – Baileys Living – provides prospective home buyers with easy-to-use online tools to access 90 different, quality designed configurations created by leading architects and interior designers.

Each individual design comes with numerous packages and different colour schemes.

All the inclusions, products and pricing can be viewed immediately to ensure the designed homes, fixtures, fittings and colours are exactly as the home buyer wishes.

Baileys Living Managing Director, Jason Willoughby, said the primary focus of the online building company was to provide home buyers with the best possible housing designs and empower them to take control of the building of their homes.

Baileys Living seeks to streamline and simplify the home building process for home buyers providing expert advice and expertise from professionally qualified architects and interior designers to provide a level of professional service not previously available in the project housing marketplace.

“Baileys Living set itself the challenge of creating exciting, innovative home designs that were cost-effective and just as quick to build, but also giving home buyers more control.

“We’ve spent the last three years devising what is a very complex process into a simple online platform to enable Baileys Living to deliver on our goals.

“All of our home designs are fully planning compliant, meaning no matter where the home is built, the chosen design can be self-certified by Baileys Living and construction can start within days.

“This takes away the lengthy and costly time delays buyers often experienced going through planning process.

In addition to a Board of Directors that includes leading WA architect Joe Chindarsi and businessman Jason Willoughby, Baileys Living also has a professional Advisory Board that incorporates property expert David Cresp, former Landcorp executive John Ellis and HomeStart co-founder and HIA WA/Asia past president Susan Bailey.

All Baileys Living homes are designed to meet a minimum 6-Star Energy Rating reducing costs for heating and cooling while increasing the comfort of the houses and resale values.

“With Baileys Living, our clients can from the comfort of their own homes and at a time convenient to themselves, select their complete home package. Clients can select from various architecturally designed homes and front elevations including Traditional, Contemporary or Modern styles, and finally completing the design process by selecting from Baileys Living professionally pre-chosen product and colour packages to complete their whole home.

“Everything included is shown and costed in a summary table shopping cart allowing people to work to the design and budget they want.”

Mr Willoughby said the Baileys Living system was extremely easy to use and very flexible. For example, clients may chose to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom package for a slightly higher price or save by choosing a less expensive kitchen or bathroom package.

At any stage in the process people can seek design assistance by meeting with the Baileys Living team of qualified architects and interior designers either on line or by appointment.

Mr Willoughby said Baileys Living had also streamlined the land selection process after people had selected their new home online.

“We have compiled the most extensive list of land both in new estates and infill areas in Perth. Home buyers simply select a region where they want to live and all housing estates and blocks which are suitable to fit their new home are displayed online.“

Mr Willoughby said when a block of land was selected the Baileys Living website automatically placed the block on hold.

He said after home buyers have selected their block of land they can complete their home purchase online by paying a small initial deposit and save thousands of dollars in sales commissions.

Of course home buyers can at any time opt for the traditional full service option and meet with one of Baileys Living Design Team to discuss their housing needs.

“The Baileys Living home purchase process can take literally only minutes or as long as you like to complete, eliminating a lot of stress with completely transparent pricing.”

“The streamlined process works to reduce excess costs and time while delivering a better service and exceptional designs for our clients,” Mr Willoughby said.

For further information, please contact Baileys Living Managing Director, Jason Willoughby on 0435 232 868 or email