Baileys Living.
A revolutionary new way to build your new home.

If you’ve ever built a new home, you know the process can be complex, expensive, time-consuming and fraught with hidden costs and surprises.

The Baileys Living business model has been developed to streamline every stage of the home-building journey whilst still giving you the freedom to configure your own architect-designed home.  The online option gives you real-time design updates and transparent pricing so there are no hidden costs and no surprises.  Just a beautiful new home which you helped design and all from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, if you would like to adjust your design in any way you are welcome to come in and meet with our Architects and Interior Designers in the Baileys Living Design Studio any time.

How Baileys Living makes buying your new home easier.

Traditionally, buying and building a new home is a lengthy and complex process.

It starts with the Sales Process. Having to wade through mountains of vague advertising and marketing material and speaking with a multitude of Sales Consultants from various builders. Eventually, you settle on a Sales Consultant and Home Builder. But you still may not be sure about exactly what it is you are getting in your new home and will it look anything like the Display Home you fell in love with? Ultimately you hope it will all work out.

You’re then handed over to a Pre-Start Consultant who is likely managing dozens of would-be homebuyers at any one time. So you take your place in the queue. Eventually you are sent volumes of information on fixtures and fittings, colours and materials from which to choose. This can be very stressful and confusing for you. Which colours go with what and what is in our budget? How reliable and sustainable are the product’s being offered?  Where are they made and what are they made of?  How safe are they?  Will my colour scheme look any good?

Then it’s finally time to make your selections. But you quickly realise the fixtures, fittings and finishes you saw in the beautifully-presented display home at the advertised price are, in fact, a distant, unaffordable reality. The options you’re given are far more basic. And the moment you choose to upgrade anything, the extra costs start mounting up at an alarming rate. You are usually required to set aside nearly a whole day in which to finalise your selections, which can be testing and stressful for all concerned.

Now, take three simple steps

Choose your home design, select your professionally compiled home packages and colour scheme. You can explore the various options until you’re happy with the final design and budget; all in your own time without leaving your home. Of course, if you want help, advice or want to make changes, you can call and talk with one of our Architects or Interior Designers.

We need fewer staff and lower overheads with cost savings passed directly on to you and allowing us to build better designed homes for less. This also means we can spend more resources on what’s most important to you – the supervision, management and quality construction of your new home.

Be inspired. Be creative. Be in control.

By combining your preferred layout and style of home – Traditional, Contemporary or Modern, choosing your home packages and then finally selecting your preferred colour palette, you can achieve an individually, architect-designed home without the hassle and expense of endless meetings with your home builder.

You can be confident that whichever combination of options you choose, the result will work brilliantly and have enduring universal appeal to protect your home’s value.

And of course, if you would like to adjust your design you are welcome to meet with the Baileys Living Architects and Interior Designers at the Baileys Living Design Studio anytime to assist.

Who's behind Baileys Living?

Jason Willoughby

Managing Director (B Econs)

Jason has broad experience within the real estate, construction and finance industries. Jason founded Baileys Living driven by a passion and desire to build quality homes and environments for people to live and the wider community to enjoy. Jason believes well-designed environments and living spaces are important for social cohesion, mental well-being and economic development. By creating exceptional living spaces, building design and landscaping, Jason and his team aim to lift the bar in the new home building industry. With competing forces on providing exceptional home designs and competitive pricing the Baileys Living team have developed a unique business model that adopts the latest in new technology in order to deliver best design at a lower cost, a lot faster, whilst also improving the client experience and service. Sounds impossible or clichéd, but the Baileys Living business model is structured to do exactly that. Less resources and costs needed for sales and administration and more to quality of design and most importantly quality of construction all whilst better servicing our Clients.


Joe Chindarsi

Architect (B Arch)

Joe is a founding Director of Baileys Living and has established himself as one of Perth’s most talented architects with numerous awards recognising his work within the architecture industry. Joe has operated his own architecture firm, Chindarsi Architects, since 2003 and leads a team of talented architects and interior designers. Joe shares a passion for quality and sustainable housing design and is primarily responsible for the Baileys Living home designs.

Advisory Board

David Cresp

Advisory Board Member (B Com (Property))

David is Director of Economics and Market Research at Urbis and has an excellent understanding of all property classes and is particularly passionate about the residential market. In this role David monitors the Perth apartment and land markets regularly presenting market updates at industry forums and events. David and his team at Urbis work closely with a number of national and local clients to assist their understanding of the Perth market on a range of projects across the retail, industrial and residential property classes. He has worked as the property economist on some of Perth’s major redevelopment projects including Elizabeth Quay, Perth City Link, Subiaco Fine China, Waterbank and the East Perth Power Station. David will provide the Directors of Baileys Living with invaluable market insight and guidance.

Susan Bailey

Advisory Board Member

Susan has a long successful track record in the new housing sector. Susan was instrumental in establishing Homestart Homes in the market place from 1991 to 2001 making it into one of the most successful home building companies in Australia. Susan has won numerous awards within the sector and was the first female President of the Housing Industry Association WA & Asia Region. Sue has sat on numerous industry Boards including the BCITF and Small Business Development Corporation. Susan will share invaluable strategic advice and management guidance to the Directors of Baileys Living.

John Ellis

Advisory Board Member (B Econs) GAICD

John has a long history as a senior executive within various government housing, planning and development departments with an excellent understanding of regulatory requirements and planning principles. John was previously CEO for the Armadale Redevelopment Authority, General Manager Business Development for Landcorp and chaired the Subiaco Urban Village (sinking of rail) concept development and project feasibility committees and led the project feasibilities on a number of major metropolitan and regional urban projects. John will provide the Directors of Baileys Living with broad guidance and advice on all aspects of Baileys Living commercial and planning functions.