Build your Baileys Living home in 3 easy steps


Select your home

Choose a home and style that you like and fits within your budget. Each home has three different design styles: Traditional, Contemporary and Modern. For each one of these styles is a Good, Better, Best version differing in level of finish and price.


Choose your package

Select your professionally compiled Home Packages to suit your requirements and budget. Choose between Good, Better, Best options to adjust your budget and instantly see the effect on the cost of your new home in the Home Selection summary table. Take comfort knowing these home packages have been professionally compiled by Baileys Living Architects and qualified Interior Designers.


Choose your colours

Select from Traditional or Contemporary colour palettes in Light, Medium or Dark. The Colour Packages include colours for all aspects of your home externally and internally. Everything has been colour co-ordinated by Baileys Living Architects and qualified Interior Designers to give your home a seamless, designer look throughout.